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Common Ground Christian Ministries is a 
place for everyone where hope is found, 
faith is forged, friends are made and the 
Good News Jesus taught is brought to life.

Recent Sermons

When "Woke" Invades the Church - "Woke" ideology reduces  Christian values such as two genders or the traditional family made up of a father, mother and children into mere "social constructs." They promote their notions that these "social constructs" are  just arbitrary ideas subject to being reinterpreted for to fit our modern times and greater intellectual achievements. Where does "woke" go off the rails - and how do you help people see "wokeness" for what it really is?

"Original Sin" - For more than 1,500  years theologians have taught everyone, including newly born babies, are guilty of "Original Sin" -  the concept of inherited sin, guilt and punishment. This is the first of a series on examining whether the Bible - "sola scriptura" - supports this idea and what it says about hope for the lost.

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Terre Haute Church Service Times

Saturday, 2:30 PM

1403 Poplar - Terre Haute, IN 47807

I speak often at a sister church - the Terre Haute Church of God - join us!

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